Benefits of Silica
Skin | Hair | Nail
  • A reduction in the amount of collagen in the skin of about 1% per year after 21 years of age is described, resulting in thickness reduction and elasticity loss, which is directly related to the wrinkles depth
  • Silica is important for optimal collagen synthesis
  • Silica is crucial for activating the hydroxylation enzymes for crosslinking collagen, which improves the strength and elasticity of this fibrous protein.
  • More Silica More collagen Better skin More elasticity & fewer wrinkles
  • Silica plays a vital role in maintaining the strength and thickness of hair strands.
  • Silica is the key component of the outer shaft of hair. It provides structural support, prevent hair breakage and damage.
  • More Silica Less hair fall + Support healthy growth of hair
  • Silica is one of the predominant minerals in nails.
  • One of the signs of silica deficiency is the presence of soft and brittle nails
  • More Silica Stronger nail Better protection against nail infection